Information on services, prices and discounts on PORTAL 4 MODELS.

1. Models

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Price list of PORTAL 4 MODELS, valid from 01/04/2011 (DD/MM/YYYY)
When choosing a tariff you can combine two features: membership length and location; where you want to be published (according to the location, the registered subject will see your profile – only in the state where you live, on the continent where you live or in the entire world.)

So, if you choose the tariff:
  • “National” – only subjects from your country can propose offers to you.
  • “Continental” - only subjects from your continent can propose offers to you.
  • “Worldwide” - subject from entire world can propose offers to you.
For example, if you decide on the worldwide membership you have a significantly higher chance to get an offer than if you just choose the continental or national tariff. More information can be found in Help.

During the payment creation you can obtain interesting discounts.

Discounts are calculated in the basic price list Discounts in %
1. For 7 emails of your friends40
2. For the next 8 emails of your friends30
3. For 3 emails of agencies30
Total discount possible100
Total discount possible:100
Discounts are valid until: 31st May 2012

Basic price list and actual discounts Basic prices and prices after discounts (registration and payment NOW %>)

Basic price list with discounts
Membership length Location Prices after discount / EUR (USD) Basic prices / EUR (USD) Discount obtained / EUR (USD)
Half-year (182 days) A – National 0 (~$0) 65,00 (~$94) 65,00 (~$94)
Half-year (182 days) B – Continental 0 (~$0) 110,00 (~$159) 110,00 (~$159)
Half-year (182 days) C – World-wide 0 (~$0) 180,00 (~$260) 180,00 (~$260)
Year (365 days) A – National 0 (~$0) 110,00 (~$159) 110,00 (~$159)
Year (365 days) B – Continental 0 (~$0) 180,00 (~$260) 180,00 (~$260)
Year (365 days) C – World-wide 0 (~$0) 300,00 (~$434) 300,00 (~$434)
Prices are valid until 31st May 2012

TOP 10
For publishing your profile in TOP 10. Your profile will always be visible on the title page. This will increase the opportunities to receive a job offer. This feature will be available from 1st June 2012 and the prices are to be found here.

Increase the number of your photos you can upload to the portal to more than the 10 basic images. This feature will be available from 1st June 2012 and the prices are to be found here.

2. Subjects

Subjects registering on the portal can use the portal for 3 whole months free of charge. Prices and other options can be found in the price list in your profile after registration.