How to become a model?

Do You want to know what it takes to be a model? How to start modelling? Do you to want to connect Your with modelling career? Are You interested in becoming a model? Picture model, Print model and what are the differences?

This page is dedicated to frequent questions and it will show You, how to become a model, hostess, etc. We provide here general rules and information, if You need any other information, CONTACT US!


It is obvious that certain basic requirements have to be fulfilled. Girls have to be in the age of 14-24 years old and boys in the age of 16-30 years old. Other important criteria are height and dress size. For girls higher 170 cm the dress size should be 34-38, boys higher 180 cm with the sizes 44-50. Certain harmony, interestingness or uniqueness of facial lineaments as well as good figure are also important.


Definitely NOT. Today, when life standard provides options how to improve looks and figures of young people, personal characteristics that alter us from the others had become extremely important: spontaneousness, work effort, reliability, etc. To set the target and achieve requires equanimity, independence, diligence and reconciliation with sacrificing time and relationships.


Main task of good agency is the selection of applicants because the primary objective is to establish the clients in the sphere of fashion. It is important to choose the persons with the highest presumptions for the jobs. In addition the agency ensures and advises good “look” and teaches the model professional attitudes and presentation during castings and prepares all materials needed for the image of the model. In the time when agency sees the model as ready, it will start to look for job opportunities for her/him.


Both of these items are considered as model’s equipment. They replace a business card and resumé.

Book contains series of selected photos from all jobs. Of course, in the beginning of the career it is necessary to perform camera tests. Some of these photos will be used for the book, some of them for the set card.

Set card is usually printed on a paper size A5 with one image on the front page and two or more on the second page.

REMEMBER! Your career depends on You. Your temperament, work effort and will to establish Yourselves are the best winning instruments! The best thing you can do is to start Your career on Portal4Models!

Clothing and cosmetic industry are the most important employers of models. People simply want to see how the dress or cosmetics look on somebody. Your branded clothes had been designed by designers in a way that it looks good on an “ideal woman”. Such a woman is tall, slim, long legs, swan neck and very young. However, important thing is not to be tall and slim but to look tall and slim. The most important thing is that the presented clothes and products look good on You. If You would like to work in front of a camera is necessary to be photogenic. To find if You are or not, You have to perform camera tests, which can be set up for You by a good agency.

The range of salaries in modelling is astonishing. Certain models performing on catwalks sometimes do not receive any honorarium but on the other hand Top New York High Fashion models can earn to 10 million dollars a year! Check our offer and see what the modelling world has to offer You!

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