Benefits of PORTAL and What it provides

Girls and men will get the opportunity to:

  • Access a wide range of agencies, photographers, designers and clients
  • Obtain job proposals from the entire world
  • Instantly print your set-card from the uploaded photos, for your own presentation or email communication
  • Update and edit your photos in a fast and simple way
  • Register easily

Subjects (agencies, photographers, etc.) will get the opportunity to:

  • Contact selected, filtered models via group emailing
  • Immediately access a large number of models from the entire world (both male and female)
  • Set-cards of the presented models (for emails and batch or individual printing)
  • Create your events and to add models to them
  • Filter models according to a variety of specific criteria
  • Archive your emails with offers
  • Obtain photos and details about both famous and starting models or hostesses
  • Save the time and money you would spend on creating your own database