Award Ceremony of LOOK BELLA 2015: Slovak sisters’ duo TWiiNS, singer VOXEL, amazing speakers Lenka Vacvalová and Ondřej Blaho and many more!


This year's XII. annual beauty contest LOOK BELLA 2015 is over! The organizing agency Prestige Models once again ensured a wonderful experience in spirit of the upcoming Christmas. The entire gala evening was unique in that all 36 semi-finalists, who were chosen from 13 castings in regional cities throughout the Czech Republic, were invited to participate. Out of these, the jury selected 18 best who also fought for the title of absolute winners of LOOK BELLA 2015. The whole evening was hosted by a presenter duo Lenka Vacvalová and Ondřej Blaho. 

Guests enjoyed a really rich program. Among the performers was Slovak sister singing duo TWiiNS, who also undertook the final auction of the winner´s crown. The crown was auctioned for beautiful CZK 50 000, an amount that will go to the account of the world's charity organization, UNICEF. Czech pop singer and songwriter Voxel also sang at the event. Fighters from the Arena Fight Club Brno performed a demonstration of Thai boxing, and masterful dance group EFEKT DANCE BRNO prepared a great show.

The whole evening was marked by feminine beauty and elegance accompanied by equally attractive male counterparts. Girls wore gorgeous models, designed by Sandra Marková and Miriam Janásová complemented by beautiful jewelry of Swarovski and Czech Lilien Jewelry. 


Men presented suits by Uomo Napoletano, Ceremoni or Koutný Prostějov. Contestants showed off their attractive bodies in lingerie by brands Werso and Simi Secret. An unusual experience was ensured by specially made wings by Arina Couture. All the models were supplemented by footwear of the Deichmann brand. Make-up artists from company MATIS PARIS and hairdressers from salon PETRA'S HAIR FASHION took care of the appearance of the contestants. 


The jury consisted of lots of important personalities such as model, Czech Miss 2014, and at the same time finalist of Look Bella 2009 Gabriela Franková, Czech Miss World 2013 Lucie Kovandová, designers Miriam Janásová and Sandra Marková and His Higness Petr II. Michael Christian Andreas Vojtíšek Prince von Hahn and the Earl of Levantis. New winners were also chosen by last year's winners Jan Pippinger and Markéta Martinkovičová. Of course the contest could not be missed by the director of the organizing agency Prestige Models Martin Spaček with the agency´s representative Ondřej Špaček and other members of the jury, mostly representing partners of the event.  

The lovely patron of this year's LOOK BELLA 2015 Jitka Boho Valková, could not attend the Gala Evening thanks to her pleasant maternal duties that nowadays occupy most of her time. However she greeted the guests and especially contestants remotely via video, in which she wished them a beautiful and unforgettable evening, and above all the best of luck during the final evening as well as in the early stages of their careers. 



Hungarian finalist Kristian and beautiful Markéta, these are the names of the winners of the XII. year of LOOK BELLA 2015!


Absolute winners of the LOOK BELLA 2015 contest became a finalist from Hungary Kristian Szekeres and eighteen year old Markéta Konopásková from České Budějovice. The winners received specially designed crowns from Lilien Czech Jewelry and gained valuable gifts worth more than CZK 500 000 CZK. The absolute winner can thus enjoy valuable gifts worth more than 180 000 CZK. Markéta Konopásková however, gained not only the award for the absolute winner of LOOK BELLA 2015 but also won the title WORLD LOOK BELLA 2015 through which she will represent the agency Prestige Models and the Czech Republic at some of the international beauty pageants.

In addition to the traditionally awarded titles this year was exceptional in that it has been awarded a new title INTERNATIONAL LOOK BELLA 2015. In cooperation with an English portal www.portlal4models.com, girls from all over Europe were selected, and the winner was  Anete Šaitere from Riga in Latvia, who accepted our invitation and came to the Czech Republic to receive her award.   

More information and photographs from the event may be found on the Facebook page of LOOK BELLA and also on www.look-bella.cz and www.prestigemodels.cz






Lenka Čepáková, Dolní Bojanovice 




David Bláha, České Budějovice


Klára Bolacká, Oldřišov




Lukáš Roh, Praha


Kateřina Huňáčková




Markéta Konopásková, České Budějovice




Anete Šaitere, Latvia


  • LOOK BELLA 2015 – MEN
  • 1st place



    2nd place

    MATĚJ QUITT, Brušperk


    3th place

    DAVID BLÁHA, České Budějovice


  • 1st place

    MARKÉTA KONOPÁSKOVÁ, České Budějovice


    2nd place

    LENKA ČEPÁKOVÁ, Dolní Bojanovice


    3th place

    KLÁRA BOLACKÁ, Oldřišov



About the LOOK BELLA contest

XII. year of the LOOK BELLA 2015  is a continuation of a successful series of previous contests. The goal of this project is to choose the most interesting face of year 2015 and open the doors to modeling for male and female models at the start of their careers. The winners receive attractive and valuable prices and an offer to work with modeling agency Prestige models. 

Our contest is different from similar projects in the fact that it gives opportunity not only to girls, but also to young men. 

Previous winners of the Look Bella contest have been successful in country-wide and world contests. Among our participants were for example Gabriela Franková, Lucie Hadašová, Peter Menky, Jan Pippinger, Jakub Šmiřák or Antonín Beránek and others.



Saturday 26. December 2015 12:22, Fashion

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